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Cointreau launches a unique creation inspired by the luxuriant Jardin Des Hespérides

This year, Cointreau has added a touch of elegance and refinement to Australian shelves. Through a collaboration with the prestigious Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martins College, the iconic brand is set to release a specially designed bottle this April, just in time for the Easter season and Mother’s Day. Inspired by an excursion in the luxuriant Jardin des Hespérides, this limited-edition bottle is a magnificent celebration of orange in all its forms.


The reimagined design draws on the elements of an orange grove and present new ways of experiencing this versatile liqueur. Noting the appeal of orange as a rare and exotic fruit, Edouard Cointreau was compelled to create the liqueur in 1875. He had the inspired idea to combine sweet and bitter orange peels, striking the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness and affords the clear liqueur its unique and delicate taste. Cointreau preserves its original authenticity to this day, maintaining its position as an absolute expert in all things orange.”


This original redesign intended to bring Cointreau’s mythology and origin story to life, while still playing on the theme of orange. The fruit itself carries its own legends and traditions. Reimagined with simplicity and a great deal of imagination, the inspiration for this bottle comes from the ancient writings of the Cointreau family. One particular passage in “Éloge de L’Oranger” by poet La Fontaine portrays oranges as the “golden apples” of the Jardin des Hespérides. They also served as the traditional Christmas offering for children. The storied history of this extraordinary fruit is at the heart and soul of both the Cointreau liqueur and this limited-edition redesign.



The Cointreau bottle has been an icon for over 140 years, so this was a particularly exciting project for both the brand and the design team. “Inspired by the passion found within each bottle of Cointreau, we created a unique limited edition, inviting the audience to step into the recipe of the spirit itself - and to celebrate the magic harmony of the ingredients” explained Boris Thuery, Creative Director of The Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martins.


“We call it the 'Extraordinary Orchard,’ a playground for the senses that can be discovered within Cointreau’s flavours. The challenge was to create a design that was modern, but still respected the brand’s heritage. It was a balancing act, a rather delicate one, which is what made the creative process so fulfilling. We are very proud to have worked for such a prestigious brand.” the design team shared.



The Limited Edition is a glass marvel. Featuring etched oranges, ribbed leaves and coiled roots interspersed throughout, the monochrome design lets the warm amber colour of the bottle take centre stage. The traditional copper cap also gets an orange makeover, in keeping with the colour scheme. The orange grove pattern is precise, modern, and refined; the elements almost appear to be in motion, guiding their viewer on a sensory journey.

This Cointreau Limited edition is available in Australia from April 2019.


The Cointreau Limited Edition bottle is available from BWS from mid April and selected independent retailers across the country from May.