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Clever ideas to Upcycle your empty bottles of Cointreau Clever ideas to Upcycle your empty bottles of Cointreau

Clever ideas to Upcycle your empty bottles of Cointreau

What do you do with an empty bottle of Cointreau? We’ve got a few creative suggestions on what others have done with theirs, that you can easily upcycle at home too!

Upcycle it into a beautiful vase

A vase is perhaps the easiest of all upcycling options. Simply place whatever flower decorations in the bottle and ‘voila’! It makes a wonderful table setting display and looks fabulous as a centrepiece on your coffee or hall table.

Édouard Cointreau's decision to produce a square bottle and go against the skills and trends of the glassmakers of the time, was risky but the right choice. Similarly, whilst other liqueur-makers dressed up their liqueurs in labels with complicated names and designs, Édouard designed a simple, informative label, which gave the product an air of elegance and good taste to which he was proven to be right, thus giving the Cointreau bottle its timeless appeal. That's why it still looks just as good today as it did over a century ago.

Use it as a table decoration

Édouard Cointreau chose clean, simple lines, ensuring his product would be recognised immediately. Incidentally a bottle of Cointreau has 4 symmetrically balanced sides making it easy to place it on its side.

Create a stunning display in your home bar

The bar is probably the most obvious place to use your empty Cointreau bottles, making it a highly impactful display in your home bar. Repetition works well, so if you only have 3-4 bottles, then one row display is just as charming.

Make a bespoke light fixture

This is a little trickier and will likely require some handy tools (and safety). Creating lamps or pendant lights are certainly both beautiful, unique and the added benefit of practicality. So if you’re wanting customised lighting solutions like these, we recommend that all electrical work be done only by a licensed electrician.

Liquid Soap or Shampoo/Conditioner dispenser

Another practical example of upcycling and its much easier to do yourself, is the Soap dispenser - or shampoo and conditioner dispenser, hand cream dispenser, essential oils or if you have a little Cointreau left in the bottle why not try Cointreau infused olive oil!

For the garden

Planters are another great use for empty bottles. Otherwise use them as part of your outdoor garden decoration. Get clever with upcycling and remember the benefits to the environment are better than binning it!

If you don’t have enough empty bottles, you can always buy some more for you to enjoy or if you need quite a few, then chat to your friendly local pub or bartender as they might be able to save an empty bottle or two for you!