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The Art of Mixology cointreau The Art of Mixology cointreau

The Art of Mixology

Professional mixologist, passionate novice, or curious amateur? Seeking inspiration, mixing tips and tricks, or a cocktail recipe for your next soirée? Come be part of the mix with Cointreau. Thanks to its signature organoleptic qualities and versatility, the French orange liqueur is featured in over 350 cocktail recipes and has earned its place in the world’s most respected bars—and your home.

The Art of Mixology

Cointreau History

Cocktail History

Though the term “cocktail” first appeared in 1806, it was the release of Jerry Thomas’s bartender guide, The Bon-Vivant's Companion, in 1862 that marked the true birth of cocktails as a new way of consuming spirits. From the 20s Sidecar to the 80s Cosmopolitan to today’s sophisticated creations, cocktails have been elevated to a full-fledged art form.

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