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Margarita Food Pairing with Alexis Delassaux Margarita Food Pairing with Alexis Delassaux

Margarita Food Pairings with Alexis Delassaux

Alexis Delassaux, a 33-year-old Franco-Mexican chef, began his career amongst the greatest. Now at the head of his own restaurant, Luz Verde in Paris, he offers a cuisine of unforgettable flavors, no frills and filled with love. His secret recipe? The flavors of seasonal products along with his family roots which inspire him daily: son of a French father and a Mexican mother, his inspiration is nourished by the clever marriage of these two.

Who is Alexis Delassaux?

Alexis Delassaux Cointreau

Who is Alexis Delassaux?

His name might intrigue you, and for a good reason: his personality is as unforgettable as his colorful cuisine. Owner of his restaurant, Luz Verde in Paris, the 33-year-old Franco-Mexican chef put his heart on his sleeve and gave it everything to be where he is today. He has also learned from the greatest chefs, among the most renowned institutions in Paris. Launched into the world of cooking a little by chance after a 2-year BEP in cooking, his passion quickly leads the way. Discover the portrait of a chef “toqué” (Gault & Millau) who aims for the stars. 


Meet Alexis Delassaux


The Original Margarita is a pretty tangy cocktail since it consists of lime, Cointreau liqueur and Tequila. In order to counterbalance this, you need to add sweeter or spicy ingredients. Discover my food pairing!





100g pork shoulder                                                   

2 corn tortillas

Marinade for the meat:

50g achiote paste                                           

 250ml pineapple juice                                           

25g fresh pineapple                                             

25g red onions                                                         

3 garlic cloves                                                     

100ml white vinegar                                       

 5g cumin                                                                

5g white pepper                                                    

5g dried oregano                                                  

5g coriander seeds                                                  

4g salt

Salsa verde

100g tomatillo

1 avocado

½ bunch coriander

3 garlic cloves

½ red onion

2 green jalapeños

5g cumin

5g pepper

3g salt

Pico de gallo

3 tomatoes

1 red onion

1 red chili

½ bunch coriander


50g of pineapple

6 coriander leaves

¼ lime

Preparation time: 20 min      Marinade: 1 hour      Servings: 2 people                              



For the marinade, put all the ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth. Slice the meat into 100g steaks, cover the meat with the marinade and chill for 24 hours. For the salsa, caramelize the chopped onions, garlic and jalapeño peppers in a pan without oil. Toast the spices, and then blend together in a food processor. For the pico de gallo, finely chop all the ingredients. Finely dice the fresh pineapple. Remove the fresh coriander leaves from the stalks. Cook the meat in a pan/the oven/ on a barbecue and cut into thin slices. Warm the tortillas in a pan, then add the meat, followed by the salsa and pico de gallo, and garnish with some diced pineapple and coriander leaves. Cut the lime into 4 and squeeze fresh juice over before serving.


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