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Coffret Surréaliste Margarita by Vincent Darré Coffret Surréaliste Margarita by Vincent Darré

Le Coffret Surréaliste Margarita by Vincent Darré

The Maison Cointreau and Interior Designer Vincent Darré are joining forces for a second year in a row to celebrate the Art of Cocktail and the iconic Margarita.


vincent darré box


Together, they are proud to present LE COFFRET “SURRÉALISTE” MARGARITA, a very limited series of 17 cocktail coffrets handpicked by the extravagant decorator.

Each set features the essentials for the Original Margarita preparation and encased in an elegant and enigmatic box designed by the artist.

This latest collaboration combines the unbridled and playful spirit of Vincent Darré with the unique and time-honored savoir-faire of Maison Cointreau.


An original and vintage coffret

There’s no doubt about it: Vincent Darré is something of a serial antique hunter. On the lookout for out-of-the-ordinary vintage glasses and shakers for this COFFRET “SURRÉALISTE” MARGARITA, he first skimmed one of the most famous and mythical antique market of Paris. He then took his quest on top prescribers of good taste, paying a tribute to the global phenomenon the Margarita has become!

His finds: an Art Deco-inspired shaker in the unexpected shape of a penguin and astonishing duos of playful, graphic, and colorful vintage glasses*. They’re all singular, just like Darré, and serve as a refreshing twist on the classic Margarita glass.

Just like Vincent Darré, who has a passion for vintage and unconventional objects, each item in this coffret celebrates the Original Margarita. This new Limited Edition features 17 exclusive coffrets, available in France, China and the United Kingdom.

I’ve always been an antique hunter and avid flea market enthusiast. In 2019, I was even an ambassador for one of the most famous and iconic antique market of Paris. That’s where I started researching atypical objects we could use in these boxes. This meticulous work spanned several months because I didn’t want anything banal to be associated with Maison Cointreau.

vincent darré star


vincent darré bottle

A bottle of Cointreau Limited Edition designed by Vincent Darré

vincent darré shaker

An Art Deco Penguin Shaker

vincent darré glass collection

2 vintage glasses of one specific variation

The VIncent Darré limited Edition

The VIncent Darré limited Edition

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the original margarita vincent darré

It's time for the Original Margarita

Invented in 1948 by Margaret Sames, the original recipe is straightforward and has remained unchanged since its creation. Since its inception, this timeless concoction has gone on to become a true classic and inspired countless variations around the world

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