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Margarita Challenge 2020

The Margarita Challenge 2021 Results

Cointreau challenged bartenders from around the world to create the best margarita on earth. From Korea to Mexico, passing by Italy and Copenhagen, the challenge has been accepted by 150 inspired bartenders. A jury composed of professionals had the difficult mandate to select a winner…


Miguel Ángel Mora


Miguel Ángel Mora!

« Passion is the answer » - Miguel Ángel Mora (@miguelangelbartender)

He started in the bar industry at the age of 18, while doing his engineering studies.  Passionate about the world of hospitality, he decides to focus fully on this area and thus manages to work in renowned restaurants and bars in his country.

He is currently part of the Alquímico team (@alquimicocartagena), where he leads the experience and hospitality area.

With his cocktails he has thought to highlight the use of the local and show all the biodiversity of Colombia, in addition to working with communities and providing a positive impact to society from his profession.

His creation: The Little Bird (Pajarito)

The Little Bird (Pajarito)

His creation: The Little Bird (Pajarito)

"Pajarito is one of the 3 monoliths that make up the Mavecure hills. (The Cerros de Mavecure are three hills, located in eastern Colombia). This Cocktail brings together the most important products in agriculture in the region where the hills are located and pays tribute to its biodiversity from the use of corn and mango. And even cassava with ash corn tortilla salt as garnish."

The recipe:
30 ml Cointreau
45 ml Tequila silver Re-distilled with corn and mango leaf
23 ml Tangerine lime
1 dash Saline solution

Garnish: Casabe with salt from native corn tortilla ash.

Meet the jury


"What a challenge! We were very impressed by the extreme creativity of each of the recipes received. Exceptional ingredients, breathtaking taste and original storytelling… it certainly wasn't an easy decision! Congratulations to each participant for proving that the Margarita is a timeless classic cocktail with multiple multiple personalities! See you soon for the next edition!" 

Carole Quinton - Cointreau Master Distiller

(From left to right)

Alfred Cointreau: 6th generation of the Cointreau family @AlfredCointreau

Didier Pean: Mixologist & Bartending teacher

Rory J Shephered: Little Red Door Paris Creative Director & Mixologist @roryjshepherd & @littlereddoorparis

Carole Quinton: Cointreau Master Distiller

Kevin Sueiro: Cointreau International Brand Ambassador

The finalists

  • Prescription-19


    Created by Sean Woo from South Korea

    The Recipe:

    45ml Tequila Patron Reposado
    15ml Cointreau
    15ml Lime Juice
    5ml Yuzu Juice
    5ml Roasted Green Tea Syrup

    Garnish with an Edible Medicine

  • Margarita illusion

    Margarita illusion

    Created by Nicola Ruggiero from Italy

    The Recipe:

    30 ml Cointreau
    60 ml Tequila & Mezcal illusion*
    25ml Cooked lime juice
    Smoked salt crust & Orange zest
    *Apple wood smoked agave syrup with pure aloe vera juice

  • The Sea Nymph

    The Sea Nymph

    Created by Ruben Patoor from Belgium

    The Recipe:

    30 ml Fennel Pollen Infused Cointreau
    50 ml Don Julio Blanco Tequila
    20 ml Fresh Lime Juice
    20 ml Seven Seas Cordial*

    Pinch of Spirulina
    *Made with Oyster Leaf, Samphire, Salty Fingers, Sea Fennel

  • Margarita Dolcevita

    Margarita Dolcevita

    Created by Manfredi Samperi from Italy

    The Recipe:

    30 ml Cointreau
    30 ml Mezcal
    30 ml Fresh lemon juice
    30 ml Lamponella (raspberry leaf tea)
    20 ml Green olive syrup from Tuscia

    Garnish: salt crust with raspberry powder and olive syrup, dried lemon wedge.

  • Margriet


    Created by Tim Devriendt from Belgium

    The Recipe:

    40 ml Poire Williams
    10 ml Tobala Mezcal
    30 ml Clove infused Cointreau
    15 ml Lime juice
    10 ml White balsamic vinegar

    Shake all ingredients, double strain into a chilled stemmed glass, garnish with a slice of pear.

  • La Tomargarita

    La Tomargarita

    Created by Napoleon FORSON from Ghana

    The Recipe:

    20 mL Watermelon
    20 mL Ghanaian Tomatos (Homemade)
    10 mL Jalapeno Syrup
    30 ml Cointreau
    40 ml Tequila Patron
    25 ml Fresh Lime Juice

  • In Memorium

    In Memorium

    Created by Ricardo Alexandre Leal de Sousa from Brazil

    The Recipe:

    25 ml 1800 tequila añejo
    25 ml 1800 tequila silver
    25 ml Cointreau
    20 ml Agave syrup
    15 ml Lemon juice
    120 ml Grapefruit juice

    Dashes of honey from mandaçaia bee and cocoa bitter
    Final touch with rosemary and sesame

  • Haji


    Created by Minyoung Heo from South Korea

    The Recipe:

    15ml Cointreau
    45ml Sierra Tequila silver
    60ml Homemade watermelon cordial
    15ml Homemade celery syrup
    15ml Lime juice (freshly squeezed)
    3 dash Absinthe
    Garnish : Cucumber slice and Flour Tuile

  • Kumbos Margarita

    Kumbos Margarita

    Created by Stephane GRENCHO DA INES from France

    The Recipe:

    45 ml Montelobos Espadín Mezcal
    30 ml Shrub de kumquat and thyme
    20 ml Cointreau
    15 ml organic lime juice