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How to dress the perfect table for a Cointreau inspired party!

5 tips from Pia Benham, Head of Collections at Heals and member of the Cointreau Creative Crew on how to dress the perfect table for a Cointreau Fizz inspired dinner party!

When planning a celebratory get together, I think about the senses, and it’s important to play to them all, below are my 5 tips which I always keep front of mind when planning!

1. Atmosphere

This is paramount, select your music to fit the feel you are targeting, as this is key to an event being a success!

2. Lighting and candle light

Lighting should be soft, as no one wants to be under bright lights when settling in for a fun and relaxed evening. Lots of candles of various sizes and fairy lights also work well when grouped into styled jars along a table.

3. Glassware and theatre

Glassware should be clear to allow the colour of the drinks or cocktails to shine through, so go for the best you can, making sure you have suitable glassware for the cocktails you are serving. If you are going for a glamorous evening, serve your champagne cocktails in a coupe, which are all the rage. For added theatre, pour your cocktails from exciting serve ware, such as a magnum decanter for added theatre.

4. Canapes

Whether you are going for simple canapes, or a sit down menu, keep the food and alcohol pairing at the centre of your decisions, as there is nothing worse than poorly matched food. If in doubt keep it simple.

5. Scent

Scent is an often overlooked element to a good party for setting the scene. Beautiful quality scented candles are an excellent way to set the mood, so go for citrus scents to keep it fresh.