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Discover our top Margarita recipes for Margarita Day

It's Margarita Day! Some of you might not know how to make a Margarita, some others might be looking for special Margarita recipes.

Here is our top Margarita recipes for Margarita Day!

The Original Margarita

1. The Original Margarita

Because this is not National Margarita Day without the Original Margarita!

The perfect balance between Cointreau, tequila, lime in a salted rim glass. Please avoid at all cost those cheap margarita mix or sour mix, they are too sweet and will ruined your cocktail every times.

Find the full recipe here

The Spicy Margarita

2. The Spicy Margarita

Bring a little heat to an iconic classic by adding jalapeno and cilantro to your Margarita.

Your tastebuds may walk on fire, until the subtle sweetness of Cointreau washes over the flame.

Find the full recipe here

The Smoky Margarita

3. The Smoky Margarita

A masculine balance of smoke and oak, anejo tequila and mezcal create a uniquely complex base for a Margarita.

Cointreau and lime juice brighten, while a smoked salt rim brings everything full circle.

Find the full recipe here

The Piña Margarita

4. The Piña Margarita

Nothing says beach time like fresh pineapple juice. 

The added cinnamon-sugar rim provides an indulgent, sweet taste you wouldn’t expect in a margarita.

Find the full recipe here

The Luxe Margarita

5. The Luxe Margarita

This margarita is for celebrating the unconventional.

Those who want to try a different spin on the original margarita should try this. 

It’s sure to surprise and impress your friends.

Find the full recipe here

The Berry Belle Margarita

6. The Berry Belle Margarita

A most curious combination, raspberry and bell pepper transform a classic Margarita into a flavorfully complex cocktail.

Find the full recipe here

The Matcha Margarita

7. The Matcha Margarita

A modern twist on a classic, the Matcha Margarita's vibrant color and complex flavor will be the highlight of your summer soirée.

Find the full recipe here

The Berry Margarita

8. The Berry Margarita

Perfect for the berry lovers, this margarita is fruity and produces a beautiful, bright pink color that’s inviting to even the most timid tipplers.

Find the full recipe here

The Lemon Basil Margarita

9. The Lemon Basil Margarita

The freshest margarita you’ll ever taste.  The balance of citrus & herbs gives this drink a light yet juicy flavor.

Find the full recipe here

The Ginger Mint Margarita

10. The Ginger Mint Margarita

The spice of ginger gives this margarita a tantalizing bite that is aromatically balanced by fresh mint.

Find the full recipe here