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The Sofa The Sofa

The Sofa

"Vincent Darré designs sofas and armchairs, often made of velvet, a precious, smooth material. I wanted to recreate this suppleness with a cocktail as original as the man, and as soft as his armchairs" Alfred Cointreau

It may be in his Parisian showroom on rue Royale, where he welcomes friends, clients and design enthusiasts. Or in the magnificent Serpent à Plume, a new cocktail venue in Paris, which he has set up on the historic Place des Vosges. The cocktail tasting is always done on a sofa. Considered a key design element, it is this sofa that inspired Alfred Cointreau.

  • Sweet
  • Fruity


For 1 cocktail

  • 40.00 ml Cointreau
  • 20.00 ml fresh lime juice
  • 20.00 ml macadamia nut syrup
  • 80.00 ml pineapple juice

How to make The Sofa

  • Step 1

    Pour all ingredients directly into a shaker.

  • Step 2

    Shake vigorously before serving in a chilled martini glass.

  • Step 3

    Garnish with an orange peel and pineapple leaf.

Organise your soirée

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