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margarita cocktail and food pairing margarita cocktail and food pairing

Margarita Food Pairing

with French Chef Samuel Albert

Who is Samuel Albert?

samuel albert french chef winner of top chef

Who is Samuel Albert?

Samuel Albert is originially from Angers and worked several years in Tokyo before winning in 2019 the French famous food competition : "Top Chef".

Former Belgium embassy chef in Tokyo, Samuel traveled a lot to enhance his cooking knowledge and discover cultures. With inspirations from China, Japan and Australia, he offers a fusion style of cooking between his french roots and twists from all over the world.

In November 2019, after the show, he finally opened his restaurant in his birthplace named Les Petits Prés

Discover 5 easy to make recipe based on seasonal products available all over the world and matching the colors of the 4 seasons.

Let’s start by the original margarita pairing

food pairing with the original margarita

Let’s start by the original margarita pairing

Created by Samuel Albert. 


Ingredients :
2 red onions
5 tomatoes
250g of red beans in can        
3 leaves of gelat
Fresh Coriander sprigs

25cl of olive oil
100g of salted pop-corn        
25cl of Mezcal
25cl of water
2 limes

Preparation time: 20 min          Servings: 20

Chop the onion in thin slices, cut the tomatoes and avocados in small cubes. Chop the coriander. Put all the ingredients together in a hermetic box and add the drained beans as well as the lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.
Place the gelatin leaves in cold water to soften. Bring water to a boil, add the mezcal and the softened gelatin leaves until the jelly comes together. Store it in the fridge for two hours to solidify.

Food presentation:
In a small verrine dish, put two tablespoon of ceviche then one teaspoon of the jelly, add salted pop-corns on the top.

Chef tip:
Add fish, seafood or vegetables of your choice to the ceviche.